DIY laptop sleeve

You all probably know that frustrating feeling when you see a really cute laptop case or sleeve but it's just too expensive. But because you're laptop needs protection you buy it anyway, or you just buy an ugly laptop sleeve.
Well, that's history!
With this fun and easy DIY tutorial I found on youtube by The Sorry Girls you will have a supercute laptopsleeve in your own style.
The only thing you need is fabric and sewingequipment (think needle and threat).
Never thought it would be so easy.
Here's the one I made myself. I was just so happy about the way it turned out, I had to show someone!

If you make one yourself, send me some pictures in the comments :)
Love and kisses,


  1. Sooooo cute! I know I told you not to, but make me one, please :)
    (English, English speciaal voor jou :D)

  2. Amazing DIY! so cool! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) the scrapbook you mentioned is from Paperchase, but I get them from all over the place! <3 xoxo


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