Rimmel review

So, a few days ago I went to buy the Rimmel wake me up foundation. I heard so many good things about it, I had to check it out. As I was standing before the Rimmel counterthingy in our local drugstore, I saw that the firecracker nailpolishes were €2,99 in stead of €4,99. I never tried a Rimmel nailpolish before so I decided to take the firecracker nailpolish in "High Energy" with me. 
And well, I have to say, all the positive comments about the Rimmel wake me up foundation were right! 
What a nice foundation! 
I haven't been using foundation for a while, because of all the new BB-creams, so I was a bit scared it would look too cakeface. But the coverage is just perfect! It hides the imperfections but it doesn't give you that cakeface-look.

I won't pay over €5,- for nailpolish, because I always buy a lot of nailpolish and if I would spent a lot of money on it I would be broke. So that's the reason why I never bought a Rimmel nail polish, although they often cost €4,99. Okay maybe I just don't have a good reason for not buying Rimmel nailpolish.
But this time, I bought the Rimmel firecracker nailpolish in "High Energy".
What a lovely color! It's a red/orangy color with a glossy finish to it.
The perfect color for spring!

Love and Kisses, 


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