Glossybox Youngbox!

I guess almost everybody knows Glossybox, because it's in different countries. Well, here in the Netherlands we have it to. And this month (March to be exact, so I'd better say last month) you could order some sort of special edition; The Young Box!
The Young Box could be ordered for just one month because they don't know if there's gonna be a follow-up. I have never gotten a Glossybox because you're kind of stuck to it and you have to pay every month. 
But because this was a one time thing I decided to order! 
And boy was I happy I did (: 

I really like the way it looks! It's simple, but fresh in a nice spring colour. AND it's a drawer! 
I really hope they're going to make more of these, because then you can make a little cabinet.
Also, there are 6 fullsize drugstore products in this little drawer and you only pay around €11,- !
 These are the 6 fullsize products in my box (there are 3 different boxes) :
palmolive showergel, 8 x 4 deoderant, pearl drops serum at night, miyo nailpolish, andrelon volumizing powder and dr. van den hoog face mask cupcakes.
 This is a moisterizing face mask that smells of cupcakes. I've never seen these kind of facemasks of this brand, but I sure will give it a try sometime. My face could use some moisture!
 I actually have this Pearl Drops serum on right now. You just take some on your fingers after you've brushed your teeth and then just rub it all over your teeth. It feels quite sticky at first, and then your lips begin to feel a bit dry around the places where the serum touches your lips. But I guess it's just the getting used to it. 
 This showergel says it will help you rediscover your inner balance and well-being. 
If that were really true it be a miracle showergel if you'd ask me.
It's an indian ayurveda-tradition inspired showergel. Well, I'm excited to trie this and see if I have indeed found my inner balance after a shower!
This is one of the products I am most excited about. If it's a hairstyling product that has "volume" written on it, it has got my attention immediately. Also, I think the pink plastic gives it an extra feel to it. Now it looks a bit as if the powder is pink itself. I am certainly excited to trie this. 
 Meh. That's the only thing I have to say about this deoderant. I'm not a big fan of this deoderant brand, it always reminds me of 14ish-year-old girls. And I don't think I need to explain it if you just look at the packaging.
Then the Miyo nailpolish. Well this is something I've never heard about, but it looks like some cheap nailpolish for kids. Ofcourse that could be because of the pink colour.

I was really happy when my Glossybox Youngbox finally arrived! And mostly because it's a drawer and I get some extra storage space. Ofcourse I am also very excited to trie the volumizing powder, test the nailpolish (let's see if it's indeed just another flashback to when I was 14 or actually a good nailpolish) and see if my teeth do get any whiter. 

Have you ever heard of Miyo nailpolishes?
Love and Kisses, 


  1. supernice! ik ken die palmolive, die is echt heeeerlijk! :)


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