Trip Thursday #1: Leeds!

The first Trip Thursday is here! 

Last week (25 January), we went to Leeds for our first Trip Thursday :) 
Even though I had heard about Leeds a bunch of times, I had never actually been there. Even more so, I hadn't actually heard any opinions about it. As to whether it would be a nice or pretty city with a great atmosphere or a dirty, ugly one. So I did not really have any prejudice towards Leeds. 

Still, I was presently surprised!

It was amazing. As you can see in the video, the first thing you see when you walk into Leeds are these beautiful, old, orange-bricked buildings and I was just overthrown. People who know me, know that I really really love London (which is probably also apparent if you've read any of the other posts on this blog). But when I walked around Leeds I seriously thought I had found something 'better' than London. 

The old, beautiful buildings that you see in London, you can also see here, even though it might not be the same ones. But there are so much more of them together in Leeds and they're so clean! Not to mention that it is definitely not as busy in Leeds as it usually is in London. Of course, that might be different on a Saturday, but still.
I loved Leeds. 

We weren't really sure what to visit exactly. (For example, we only saw the town hall and art gallery after we've walked through the city center twice, and that's also when we noticed this beautiful library in the center.) But the first impression of the city was just amazing! The combination of the old buildings with the new shopping malls looked really cool and the city just gave off this great atmosphere :)
I will probably go there again soon and do a bit more research before going. Maybe also grab a bit of the nightlife since I heard that's quite good as well ;)


Ps: Here are some of the other photos:

The Leeds City Markets

Leeds Minster

Stones near Leeds Minster

Kirkgate Market

Cross Arcade

A cute vintage shop near Corn Exchange


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