It’s been a while. 
But I’ve been to Bristol for a weekend for my birthday and it was amazing! 

It’s definitely in my top 3 favourite cities in England. If I judge by the ones I’ve visited now, of course. And hopefully, there will be many more to come! I’ve sure got enough on my list to visit. 

So it was my birthday on the 8th of June (yeah, quite a while ago I know) and my boyfriend surprised me with a weekend trip to Bristol! We went to see the city and he showed me around since he used to study there. We went to see his friends and he had a gig on Sunday which made it even better. 

We had to get the bus at 5.20am on Friday to get there haha. Funnily, I did the same on my birthday last year, when I went to London. It did cause me to be a bit tired throughout the day but it was all worth it. We started by walking around the city centre and mostly the high street, which I didn’t really like that much, to be honest.
Then, we had a look around the other parts of Bristol and I loved it! We saw quite a few Banksy's, which you'll see in the photo below as well, and the university was incredibly pretty!
We went back to my boyfriend's friends and had a nice chilled pub evening to end the day :).

This day started off with an amazing breakfast, home-made! After that, we chilled out for a bit and went to a street festival which was somewhere in the suburbs of Bristol. It had the best vibe, everyone was so friendly and there were loads of types of food to discover. We then chilled out in a park before going out for the night. 

The Sunday was amazing as well, though a bit sad because of the fact that we had to leave that evening. It was also a bit hectic because we had to be at the venue on time but it was still as good a day as the rest. The gig was really good and afterwards, we went to (surprise surprise) chill in a park before we had to catch the bus back. 

(If anyone reads this and is intrigued to hear more of my boyfriend's music, look up Michael Vickers Musician on either Facebook or Instagram.)

Overall it was an amazing weekend, full of chilled vibes, beers to drink, parks to sit in, creativity and incredible people! I can't wait to go back already, to be honest. And I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my birthday. 
Do you also love spending your birthday in different places? 



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