Hi there! 

I went shopping last week! Mostly just a few short shopping trips in town. But I’m quite happy with what I’ve bought so I thought I’d show you! :) 

Brace yourselves for a nice bit of autumnal haul coming your way: 

Firstly, I bought this bag at Deichmann, which is actually a German shoe brand that has got quite a few branches in the Netherlands. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see it in England! 
But if you're looking for quite cheap but nice looking shoes or bags, that's the place to go! 
I loved this bag as soon as I saw it. 
It's corduroy and I love the handles on it! They had a ruby kindish coloured as well, but since that is a hard colour to match with everyday outfits, I went for the black.

This bag was only £15.00!

The next thing is this scarf, which I haven't tried out to be honest. But it just feels soo soft and I love the colours!
Since it has been a bit colder, I've been wearing scarfs again, feeling nice and autumnal and I desperately needed a new one. The one from last year was just all ergh.

What is it with scarfs and only being able to wear them for one winter? Or is that just me?

I've also bought something nice for this to go with (read through to the end of this post to see it :)
I can't find it on their website but it's from H&M, and it was discounted from £8.99 to £5!

Whilst walking to the till to pay for my scarf at H&M, I saw this gem of a bag which I've actually wanted for quite a while now. 
It's quite tiny so it'll probably just fit my phone and purse but it's so pretty, look at that dragonfly! 

This one was £9.99 and of course, I can't find it on the website either..

After having a browse in Leicester's H&M, I went into Superdrug since I wanted some nice nail polish that wasn't gel (it always just ruins my nails when I try to take it off!). 
Barry M obviously didn't disappoint me when it comes to make-up and they had a nice offer on as well! 

I bought both these lovely sparkly nail polishes as a two for £5 deal :) 
I've always loved sparkles and these two colours seemed like the right choice for this time of year.

The white/silvery one - 819 'Pure Sunshine' - you can find here
The red sparkly one - 751 'Ruby Slippers' - I can't find again haha. You should be able to find it in your local Superdrug store, though. 

You might not know this or you might know this, but I'm a big fan of Louise Pentland's (Sprinkleofglitter) YouTube channel. I've been watching her videos for about roughly 6 years now (god, have I even got a life of my own?) and she's just an amazing inspiration.
I recently watched one of her weekly vlogs and she was wearing this really sparkly and glittery eyeshadow. It was a fairy dust from MAC in the colour 'bronze'.

I was contemplating buying that, but when I was in Superdrug I thought I might be able to save myself some money and see if any of the 'cheaper' brands had anything similar.

And oh yes.

Barry M had a similar thing and, as though it was meant to be, they were on offer for two for £7!!

So obviously, I bought two lovely colours, as you can see on the photos above.

The first one is a lovely, more chunky glittery, silver - Fine Glitter Dust in 4 'Silver' (807) - which you can find here.
The other one is a lovely, more subtle, bronzey, glittery colour - Dazzle Dust in 39 'Tan' (804) - which you can find here.

Next up, I went into Topshop, to relive the good old days of when I worked there.

Coincidentally, after not having been in Topshop for a few months, the first thing I saw was this shirt!
Now, I must admit I have been missing the Netherlands for quite a bit over the past few months, and this shirt was the first thing I saw. I found it quite funny, since the Topshop I worked in, was in Amsterdam. You might understand that I kind of had to have it ;)

The biggest size they had was a S/M, which I thought might be a bit too small, but it works out just fine. It was also only £12!

The next thing I bought at Topshop are these Rib Flared trousers, which I used to have in the Netherlands but left behind when I came to England. They're sooo comfy! They don't show up well on the photo but here they are on the website.
They're usually about £20 but mine were on offer for £14, so I couldn't just leave them!

Next, I went to Miss Selfridge and bought exactly the same pair of trousers in a different colour. It's a rusty, rougy kind of colour that, again (sorry), doesn't show that well on the photo. 
They were on sale for £5 so I thought it could not hurt to have the same pair of trousers in a different colour, perfect for autumn.

As my second to last stop, I went into Zara, which has moved into a bigger, nicer store in our Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester and I mostly just went in to soak up the niceties in their interior and design.
However, surprise surprise, I also bought some stuff. 

A perfume, called '90's fashionista', and a Casper the friendly ghost sweater. 
I wanted a new perfume and the 90's fashionista perfume just smelled lovely for the £12.99 it was (find it here). (I am not going to attempt to describe the smell since I would just be horrible at it)

Secondly, the Casper sweatshirt just felt sooo soft from the inside and it's really baggy, so I thought it would be a great buy for the seasons to come. 
I actually wore it today with the flared trousers from Topshop and it was the most comfiest outfit you could imagine!
The sweater was £25.99 and you can find it here.

And lastly, but DEFINITELY not least, I bought this coat at H&M as well.
I have been wanting a coat like this for about a year now. I almost bought one last winter but was too afraid of wearing it out, so I didn't buy it.
So, when I saw it this time, I couldn't just let it go.

To be honest, I'm still not completely sure whether I dare to wear it in public, but I'm at least going to try!

Sorry for the long blog post, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it and might be a bit inspired on your next shopping trip :)

Let me know any of your nice finds!



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