Ciaté Flower Manicure


I bought this Ciaté Flower Manicure kit a long time ago but never really used it. And since I had some spare time left today I thought I'd give it a go. 
First of all, I really like the packaging, it's also one of the reasons I bought it. 
When you open the front flip it will look like this: 

I really really like the packaging! The flowery print is just lovely. 
Each kit contains the following things;

-One little Ciaté nail varnish in "Ferris Wheel"
-One big transparent speed coat pro Ciaté nail varnish
-Two pots of (I think they're real!) flowers
-One nail file
-One set of tweezers

I was really quite astonished by the quality of the things in this kit! Although I've never tried Ciaté before, I heard lots of good things about it but I never imagined it to be this good quality! 
There's also a handy booklet in the kit in which is explained how to use the kit best. This "how to apply" is also on the backside of the box.

It looked quite simple in the pictures so I decided to start polishing!
Firstly, I began with two coats of "Ferris Wheel" on my nails and waited for it to dry (what a terrible part of painting your nails, that is!). 

I do really like this nail color! I already have a light blue varnish from Rimmel, but this one is a bit lighter which I also really like. 

Then, the most annoying part; 
Painting my nails with one coat of the clear nail varnish and placing the flowers on my nails.. 
When you do this, you REALLY need to take your time carefully placing the flowers on your nails and GENTLY pressing them on your nails. Also, you really have to watch out for messing up the nail varnish on your nails because that third layer of clear varnish will also soften the blue base coat.

When you're done with placing the flower on your nails, you coat them with one more coat of clear varnish and you're done! 

I do advise doing these last two steps at one nail at a time because the flowers don't always tend to stick to the clear coat as well as you think they would. 
It also takes a LONG time waiting for all those coats to dry. I waited quite some time and when I thought they were dry, I headed out to do some groceries.
It all went very well ... Untill I got home. 
I accidentally bumped my nail on a chair and BOOM there went one flower and it didn't take long before the others went off also. 
Apparently, the nail varnish underneath the flowers had not completely dried yet and this caused the varnish to destroy the flowers. 

So although I really like the idea of this kit and I absolutely love the colours and flowers, I am not sure whether I am going to use this kit often. 
It takes a long time putting the flowers on your nails and apparently it also takes a long time waiting for them to dry. Or maybe they won't even dry up completely, and if they do you have to wait at least 2 to 3 hours for this to happen!



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