My first MAC eyeshadows!

I just bought my first ever MAC eye shadows! 
I've wanted to buy one (or two, or three) for such a long time, but I always found it too expensive or I just didn't know which shades to get. 
But it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I got some money from my family and friends,. So when I was in Amsterdam today, I decided to treat myself to some MAC eye shadow shades ... FINALLY!

I decided to buy a custom eye shadow x 4, since I knew these shades would certainly not be my last and, admit it, they just look really chique! 
I didn't want to spend too much money at once so I filled it with two shades: 

- Amber Lights ( I saw this in one of Zoella's videos!)
- Expensive Pink

The lady at the MAC counter was so friendly as to help me decided which four shades I would need for a full on lovely make up look. Besides Amber Lights, this would be Espresso, Bronze and the Pro Longwear Shade Carefree. I am really looking forward to adding those shades to my collection, but for now this was quite enough. 

Besides these two shades I couldn't prevent myself from buying a beautiful shade of the Extra Dimension Eye Shadows: Sweet Heat!

I am totally in love with this shade! It looks quite light but it's actually quite dark if you swatch it. 
Here are some swatches to see for yourselves!

(Sorry for the quality of the photos)



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